EL ZALE: El juego, las reglas, el tablero, los mapes, los jugadores

  • The name of "Zale", granted to the game by its Ricardo discoverer Campanero, comes from the native phrase that repeated the Simba when playing the Akukujama and overcame their opposite. The Simba said "Zaa Lehe", that it means "you have fucked it".

  • In England, following the custom to do the opposite as the rest of the world does, the arrow of mape is in the opposite end.

  • England, as usual.
  • The shortest official game of Zale took place in 1912, when a young player called Berenguer faced Bigüelo in the championship of Maspalomas. Bigüelo gained the serve and Berenguer, in an unforgivable confusion placed his mape in the first play failing to fulfill the rule nº7 of the Zale. Hardly half a minute of game.

  • The longest official game to date was the end of Zarzas de la Sierra (town name which means in English Brambles of the Mountain) championship of 1989, between Montero and Villarejo. Montero prevailed after more than 40 minutes of game carrying out an unexpected contrazale. In order to celebrate it, the City council of the locality decided to change the shield, in which now it appears a bramble and two mapes.

  • New shield of Zarzas de la Sierra.
  • The most multitudinal championship of Zale was at Crillon, France, 1998, where met more than 600 players worldwide.

  • The less concurred championship was the one at Villafranca del Puente in 1958, where only registered two players and one of them did not appear, obtaining the other one, Cesar Martinejo, the title by obvious incomparetentia.

  • The player who has won more subchampionships has been Gustavo Biosca, that follows in active-duty. He has played more than 30 finals of different categories and he has not gained the victory in any.

  • Map of Crillon, France.
  • The Various Agents From the moment in which professional championships of zale existed (1895) appeared the figure of two watchmen whom they guarded constantly that there was not any error, nor that the judge was in treat with some of jugadres to favorer the game to him. But unfortunately those watchmen in some occasions were in treats with the players, the judges, and what is worse, with some spectators. That is the reason by which, in 1955 to the national federation of zale the most shining idea was happened to him to create the group of "the Various Agents ". "The Various Agents" are a group of agents who do not know themselves each other. Nobody knows who they are, nor where they are. Any player, spectator or judge can be one of the Various Agents camouflaged. The reason why Various Agents are called thus instead of Camouflaged Agents, is that this last term would be too obvious or evident.

  • Anyone of these people can be one of the Various Agents.
  • The zalerist with more national titles has been without a doubt Agustín Merino, the inventor of the "Merino turn", that obtained between 1970 and 1975 a total of 6 consecutive national championships of Spain, something that has not obtained not even Miguel Induráin in the Tour of France. Merino, in addition, counts with more than 50 trophies of diverse smaller championships.

  • Battles horizontal/vertical. Until it was decided to put a "H" and a "V" written and enrolled in the sphere of Anselmo, the players had to put themselves in agreement before the game to decide which one was going to be the vertical axis and which the horizontal, giving rise to numerous battles and discussions.

  • La H y la V evitaron trifulcas

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