EL ZALE: The game, the rules, the tableboard, the players...

The prescribed Zale gambles with a board similar in size to the one used to play chess, and with two woods or mapes of different color: white/black or black/white. The objective of the game is to manage "to make Zale".

This occurs when a player manages at the end of a movement to intercross his mape with the one of the opposite. After obtaining it, he must exclaim aloud: "Zale". But to win he must respect the 7 basic rules of the Zale.

Zale. White wins.
1. Both players throw their mapes to the board and see who has left the mape more vertical around the central cross.

2. The lucky player leaves his mape on the vertex that chooses or in the center of the central figure (what is commonest in the first movement). This way he will control the vertical zone, or the horizontal, according to arrow position

3. When the mape is on the central sphere or the collateral hemispheres it will not be able to carry out rotational turns indiscriminately.

4. The rotational movements only take place partially outside the spheres.

5. If the mape has crossed the central sphere and the four collateral ones it can make over them rotational turns, but not more of 260º. Only when it returns to cross through the central sphere loses this advantage.

6. If a player is able to cross his mape over the five spheres he has the right to win on the contrary with a contrazale whenever that one has not carried out more rotational turns than this one. This means that the opponent is to "EXCEPT a ZALE".

Zale. Black wins.
7. The arrows of the mapes never should be indicated mutually (the player that executes that movement will lose the game automatically). The imaginary lines that are born of the end of each arrow and they extend imaginary in the direction of mape corresponding and in the sense of his arrow will not be able either to cut themselves. Nevertheless, one does not consider the imaginary semi-straight in the same direction and opposite sense.

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