EL ZALE: The game, the rules, the tableboard, the players...

Just as occurs with other games like chess or parchís, more known but not better in any way than our beloved Zale, there are not official measures for the tableboard. But what is fixed, just as it is in those aforementioned lesser games, the tableboard has to be square.

It is a well known fact that many advanced players of El Zale are able of playing in any kind of surface, in any place and without a tableboard (in a bar, on a table, over the backseat of a car...). But anyway there is a standard and official design for the tableboard.

The tableboard is divided into 16 squares. On each corner, there is a partial sphere subdivided into three segments. In the middel of the tableboard, it is place the central sphere (also known as "Anselmo's sphere", as this was the name of the gaditan priest who first introduced this sphere on the tableboard) which is divided into 4 segments which are rotated 45 degrees in relation with the principal axys, horizontal and vertical.

The principal axys horizontal and vertical cross from left to right or viceversa, and from bottom to top or viceversa respectively the tableboard and divide it into 4 parts. To identify the horizontal and the vertical axys, a letter V and a letter H are written inside Anselmo's sphere.

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